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My family and I have been going to Rosarito Mexico for several years. I’m back again for a bachelor party dudes trip, which inspired this recipe. I started a tradition during one of our trips to Las Gaviotas where on at least one morning, I would make a Mexican twist on the old breakfast fav […]

Summer Mexican food cooking ideas

Looking for Cinqo de Mayo party ideas? Mexican Food recipes for a dinner party? Here’s a Spanish twist on steaks and shrimp.

Jimmy Wendt’s What’s In the Fridge? blog captures creative cooking using what ya got for tasty homestyle recipes.

Bohemia Brats


I’ve never cooked Bratwursts before. But hey I love the challenge of cooking new stuff. When I picked up some Johnsonville “Beer ‘n Bratwurst “Brats”, I was thinking about how to doctor up these dogs. How do you make a hot dog or sausage really good? When I was a kid, my Mom Carolyn had […]

The Superbowl is practically a national holiday. As such you can’t just break out Doritos and Budweisers. Arguably the most celebrated sporting event in the world, your menu should honor the true experience that it is. I’m not a major football fan, but I do appreciate the game, particularly the athleticism and competitiveness. And like […]