Knotts Valentines Farm.


MaryAnne and I brought our girls to Knotts Berry Farm today. Knotts does a great job keeping things fresh. With Valentines Day approaching, Knotts made some nice changes around the amusement park from decorations, fun crafts for kids, valentines themed food, and great themed entertainment. Love songs were blaring constantly. MaryAnne caught me humming along to Love Will Keep Us Together from Captain & Tenile. (Hey my sister played that album all the time when I was a kid.)

We had fun dipping strawberries and marshmallows in a chocolate fountain at the Ghost Town Bakery. If you haven’t visited this bakery it’s definitely a must. Great deals on sandwiches too and amazing pies, desserts, and cupcakes. I bought a mini coconut cream pie and devoured it when I got home.

Our kids had a blast reminding me of all the great times I had as a kid going to Knotts Berry Farm. Odds are each season or holiday Knotts will do something special. So treat the kids or your significant others and head on down to Knotts.

Knotts Berry Farm

8:30 am at Knotts.

Knotts Valentines Farm

Twogether is Better at Knotts

Heart Shaped Pancakes

Kids loved the Valentines Breakfast

Snoop Cup

Knotts Snoop Cup

Mrs Knotts

Mrs Knotts lives on.

Jessie, @MaryAnneWendt and Joel Tanner

Kids loving the Knotts Breakfast

Knotts no line at 9 am.

No line at Knotts at 9 am.

Knotts Tree by rollercoaster.

Knotts Tree by rollercoaster.

Charley Brown gets a Valentine

Charlie Brown gets a Valentine at Knotts Berry Farm

Lala, Marcie, MaryAnne, Stacey at Knotts

@sparklinglala @suburbanmama @maryannewendt @staceysoleil

Jim Wendt Joel Tanner SEO Master at Gigasavvy

@joeltanner @jimmywendt

Gr8 Sk8 Ride at Knotts

Gr8 Sk8 Ride with @TinyTechie and Jessie

Knotts Tree

Knotts Tree

Twist and Shout. At Knotts.

Twist and Shout.

Candice and MaryAnne at Knotts

@CandiceCendana @MaryAnneWendt

Ghost Town Bakery

The OMG Bakery at Knotts - worth the trip just for this place.

Knotts Pineapple Upside Desserts

Crazy Cream Puffs at Knotts

Knotts Desserts to die for

Crazy cakes at Knotts Berry Name

Dippin Dots at Knotts

@DippinDotWoman ever go to Knotts?

Cookies galore at Knotts

Dip Your Strawberries in Chocolate at Knotts

Dip your strawberries in chocolate.

Skies were active at Knotts

Stagecoach Ride at Knotts

Stagecoach pulled by horses at Knotts.

Camp Snoopy rules at Knotts.

Camp Snoopy is a hit at Knotts.

Jessie dancing after Ghost Town Bakery

Jessie dancing at Knotts.

Knotts Berry Farm entrance

Knotts Valentines Farm

The girls loved the Valentines Craft Station.

Knotts Valentines Farm.

Knotts Valentines Farm

Knotts Valentines Farm was a blast.

Friends at Knotts.

Friends at Knotts Berry Farm.


One Response to “Knotts Valentines Farm.”

  1. Great shots! Really enjoyed the Ghost Town Bakery as well. Loved seeing you guys at Knotts today!

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